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Este poema fue publicado en 1983 World Poetry. Autor y editor: Prof. Kim Young Sam. Literatura y Ética. Universidad Nacional de Chungbuk. Cheongju, Corea. En el Instituto de Investigación de la Poesía Mundial. Corea.
Julie, personalmente creo que eres una gran escritora. Tienes tu propia manera de expresar tus pensamientos y sentimientos sobre las cosas. Puedo ver de dónde vienes en este poema, ya que sólo deseamos que la felicidad dure. Pero cuando la tenemos debemos aprovecharla. También tenemos que fijarnos en la belleza de la naturaleza que nos rodea, y no pensar que es sólo un objeto paralizado. Ver lo que hay detrás de la mayoría de las situaciones si un mejor mensaje moral. Puede que me equivoque, pero todos tenemos nuestras formas individuales de ver los poemas. Si pensáramos lo mismo la vida sería aburrida, no habría temas sobre los que tener opiniones diferentes. No hay curiosidad hacia las opiniones, no pertenecen a la nuestra. Abrazos y besos querida Julie. Con cariño Rebeka. Con gran emoción dejo este comentario en http://www. foropoemas. 8 de julio de 2005

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1. Choose different ways to say “I love you” in English that you would like to use to write your poem. Here you will find 25 different ways to say I love you.  2. Study the phrases and decide how you would like to arrange them, then put them in the order you have decided to create the message you want to convey. 3. Finally, you have to decide which lines you want to separate with commas (,) and which ones with a period (.). If you want, you can also omit using commas and periods, it all depends on what you want to express and how you want to express it.
The following poem would be written by a person who is deeply in love but has not seen the person he/she loves for a long time. The phrase I have always loved you indicates that, in spite of many things that have happened, the person writing this poem has always been in love with the person to whom he/she is giving it.

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She wrote more than eighty-five books, many of which are novels offering a gentle portrait of China and its people. From her time in the impoverished village of Nanhsuchou, Pearl drew the seed that would lead her to write The Good Earth and other stories of China. Her literary output spans such disparate genres as short story, drama, screenplay, poetry, children’s literature, biography and even a cookbook. Her simple and direct style, and her concern for the fundamental values of human life, have their origin in the study of the Chinese novel.
She is an American poet and educator. She has published three collections of poetry. She won the Pulitzer Prize in 2011 for her collection Life on Mars. About this work, Joel Brouwer wrote in 2011: “Smith shows herself to be an extraordinary poet of great ambition. (…) As all good poetry does, Life on Mars first sends us out into the magnificent cold of the imagination and then returns us to ourselves, changed and comforted.”