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5 tips for living through the coronavirus crisis without anxiety.

I don’t want to mistrust the many therapists, psychologists and experts who want to help their clients.Most of the time their intention is good.But good intentions are not enough.You need to find a professional who offers you much more than that.The reality is this:
Understand the reality of your anxiety by knowing what is happening to you and why. Be clear about how you developed the problem to understand the process and mechanisms of anxiety.Know how your thoughts, emotions and behaviors work and how they affect each other. Understand what anxiety is and also what it is not.Many treatments stop at this step believing that understanding is enough to create change.It rarely works because knowing the “WHAT” is only valuable if it is followed by the “HOW”.
All of the above is useless if it is relaxing but temporary.To obtain stable and lasting changes, and be a person without anxiety problems, you need to INSTALL a new program in your body and mind.This is achieved by automating a series of concrete habits that dissolve the mechanisms of chronic anxiety and integrate the new program of calm, clarity and confidence.When you do this, you do not have to be every 10 minutes using techniques or taking daily pills and remedies.Once you have gone through these three steps, the mechanisms of mental control, APPEAR ON THEIR OWN. Demand these three conditions in your treatment, only then will you be getting closer to your true recovery.Another strategy you need to avoid wasting time, effort and money is to know how to get guarantees.

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Getting fired from your job for avoiding meetings, not being able to travel with the family at Christmas, or the feeling of constant anguish when facing a new day are some of the things that people with anxiety suffer. Her brother’s experience of anxiety led Rocio Lacasa to create a specific psychological method to eliminate anxiety disorders.
When you really understand anxiety, it opens a new door of possibility. Because it is a relief to know that one is facing an illusion that can be dissolved. For Lacasa, understanding does not mean having read many articles on the Internet. It is not about accumulating data in your head. Because the rational mind is not in charge of controlling anxiety. Understanding means discovering the invisible traps that anxiety creates to appear, to increase and to remain.
This is where you learn how to eliminate anxiety. You discover the process to control it before, during and after its onset. Using techniques to activate the neural pathways of physical calm, mental clarity and emotional confidence (because just as you have been able to create anxiety, it means you can create calm). In Lost Panic Lacasa has developed his master technique, called PsychoInversion and is based on his concept of Counter-Intuitive Reverse Psychology.

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