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Today we visited our alumna and friend Ana Veloso, owner of Yin Larouge. Ana is the personified example of the initiative and courage of entrepreneurs who make their way in the fashion world.
Ana Veloso. One of the reasons for creating my own company was why not to do it. Some time ago I had started a business project in the textile industry. At that time we were the distribution channel for other brands in our physical store. I learned a lot about the needs of the sector and how it moves. Now I had the opportunity to try to enter the sector again but from another side and with what I had learned from the experience and the training I had acquired, it was time to give it a try.
Ana Veloso. When you start everything you can contribute is little. The two cycles have been my main learning path. With the intermediate cycle, we saw the basics of dressmaking and it has helped me to communicate with the workshops, to know what needs I had and how I wanted things. The upper cycle has been an opening of vision with pattern making and scaling. One of the ways to differentiate ourselves is to have our own patterns that we modify and improve.

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This public space on the Internet is born as a consequence of the desire to work of its authors and the desire of EISV to motivate learning. We present the works organized in three sections: Natureza wants to show not only the images of the landscape, the fauna or the flora but also the relationship between the home and the environment. Social documentation wants to show visual information with protagonists collected from real facts. Social fiction wants to show the images invented in the realization of creative projects, fashion or advertising. In any of these sections each author freely teaches us the photographer in him.

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Moda Entre Bastidores is a women’s fashion boutique with exclusive brands both in the province of Alicante and in the Valencian Community, such as Yin Larouge and Eyedoll. In addition it also has very booming brands such as Guts & Love. Today we dedicate this special shopping to announce that they are special promotion, and that is that they have their articles with 20% and 30% discount. You can enjoy these prices until June 30. Take advantage of them.
Gold earrings from Acus 2. Halter neck dress with studs and tropical print from Anatomía by Pink 3. Asian print kimono and bangs from Yin Larouge 4. Green clutch bag by M de Magnolia5. Asian print pants by Yin Larouge6. Marrakesch tasseled sandal by Guts & Love7. White embroidered romantic crop top from Guts & Love 8. Guts & Love printed box neck dress 9. Gold bracelet with fuchsia and green stones by Acus10. Acus fuchsia Toulouse earrings

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El Yin Yoga es un estilo de yoga de ritmo lento como ejercicio, que incorpora principios de la medicina tradicional china, con asanas (posturas) que se mantienen durante períodos más largos que en otros estilos. Para los principiantes, las asanas pueden mantenerse entre 45 segundos y dos minutos; los practicantes más avanzados pueden permanecer en una asana durante cinco minutos o más. Las secuencias de posturas están pensadas para estimular los canales del cuerpo sutil conocidos como meridianos en la medicina china y como nadis en el hatha yoga.
Las posturas de Yin Yoga aplican una tensión moderada a los tejidos conectivos del cuerpo -tendones, fascias y ligamentos- con el objetivo de aumentar la circulación en las articulaciones y mejorar la flexibilidad. Se trata de un enfoque más meditativo del yoga, cuyos objetivos son la conciencia del silencio interior y la puesta en evidencia de una cualidad universal e interconectada.
El Yin Yoga fue fundado a finales de la década de 1970 por el experto en artes marciales y profesor de yoga Paulie Zink Yoga taoísta (Tao Yin). El Yin Yoga se enseña en toda América del Norte y Europa, impulsado por sus profesores Paul Grilley y Sarah Powers. Tal y como lo enseñan Grilley y Powers, no pretende ser una práctica completa en sí misma, sino un complemento a formas más activas de yoga y ejercicio. Sin embargo, el enfoque de Zink incluye toda la gama de yoga taoísta, tanto yin como convencional.